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Got problems with your WordPress website?
Need WordPress help & support?

wordpress SUPPORT

We can fix WP issues and provide general support for your WordPress website.

from £49

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Our basic fee is £49 per issue, which covers most requests.

This includes things like:-

  • Installing and configuring plugins and themes.
  • Configuring or restoring backups.
  • Fixing layout issues.
  • Fixing broken pages & permalinks
  • Move your site to a new domain name
  • WordPress migrations to new host
  • Clone/Duplicate your WP website
  • and more…

Just complete the form below and let us know what you need help with and we will confirm a price.


wordpress performance tuning

Is your WordPress Website running slow? We will perform speed optimisations and make it fly.

from £49

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We will perform an audit on your website first to identify all the issues and then provide you with a quote based on the results and the size of your website.

We take the following steps to improve your page speed.


  • Implement an appropriate caching plugin
  • Minify CSS and JS
  • Enable browser caching
  • Optimise images*
  • Check for plugin issues
  • Perform performance scans
  • Implement a CDN**
  • Troubleshoot other performance bottlenecks
*This covers image compression using freely available tools/plugins.
If you require the maximum level of image compression/optimisation, then this does incur additional cost.


It does not cover resizing images. If you site is loading an image that is 1000px wide but is only displaying it at 300px wide, this is slowing down your page and consuming bandwidth. 
This is a time consuming manual process to resize all your images, so we will let you know if this needs doing.
Although if you only have a few images, we will do this for free.

** We do not provide the CDN, only the implementation. You will need to subscribe to a suitable CDN service.
If you are looking for a FREE CDN solution, then we recommend using the free plan from cloudflare.com
We include cloudflare in all our managed wordpress plans.

Wordpress Malware Removal

Has your website been hacked? No problem, Malcare will automatically disinfect your website and protect it from future infections.

£99 yearly

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We will install and configure  Malcare to disinfect your website and provide ongoing protection from further infection using advanced firewall and threat protection.

Malcare uses collective intelligence from its network of websites to detect and block threats from hackers and bots in real time.


Quote Request form

Complete the form below, providing as much details as posisble about your issue(s) and what you need help with, and we will get back to you with a quote.